Christina GEIB

Christina GEIB
Given names
Birth of a daughter
Anna Maria MÜLLER
about 1797

Marriage of a childPhilipp LEIBROCKAnna Maria MÜLLERView this family
May 31, 1819
Birth of a grandson
about 1820

Birth of a granddaughter
Catharina Elisabetha LEIBROCK
about 1824

Birth of a granddaughter
Margaretha LEIBROCK
about 1827

Birth of a grandson
about 1828

Death of a husbandAndreas MÜLLER
February 26, 1830
Birth of a granddaughter
Maria Philippina LEIBROCK
September 29, 1830

Birth of a granddaughter
Anna Margaretha LEIBROCK
August 15, 1833
Birth of a granddaughter
Maria Carolina LEIBROCK
March 14, 1835
Birth of a grandson
Georg Peter LEIBROCK
February 28, 1838
Birth of a grandson
Johann Christian LEIBROCK
September 12, 1840

Death of a grandsonJohann Christian LEIBROCK
January 3, 1841

Marriage of a grandchildPhilipp LEIBROCKMaria Elisabetha KELLERView this family
October 18, 1842
Marriage of a grandchildDaniel “Josef Daniel” SCHWEITZERCatharina Elisabetha LEIBROCKView this family
September 17, 1843
Death of a granddaughterCatharina Elisabetha LEIBROCK
October 21, 1846
Marriage of a grandchildJohann Christian ENTERSMaria Philippina LEIBROCKView this family
June 18, 1848
Death of a daughterAnna Maria MÜLLER
January 28, 1849
Marriage of a grandchildChristian Heinrich MANGMargaretha LEIBROCKView this family
January 12, 1851
Marriage of a grandchildCarl LEIBROCKMaria Catharina ENTERSView this family
February 26, 1854
Marriage of a grandchildEduard NAGELMaria Carolina LEIBROCKView this family
October 7, 1855